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Denture Replacement in Jaipur

Denture is a replacement procedure for missing teeth and tissues.

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Denture Replacement in Jaipur

Denture is a replacement procedure for missing teeth and tissues. Today, the replacement of original teeth by dentures looks natural and more comfortable. There are basically two types of dentures – Complete denture and Partial denture. If you are missing all your natural teeth, you should go for complete denture and if only some are missing, Partial denture is used.

Tips for Denture Care

  • Dentures are delicate and may break if dropped, so while handling a denture use a folded towel.
  • Never dry out your denture.
  • Brush your denture daily.
  • Make visits to clinic if you feel more irritation or in case your denture is damaged or affected.
  • Always your gums, tongue and palate before inserting your denture.






Complete Denture

Conventional and Immediate Denture

Conventional Full Denture

After the removal of remaining teeth and as the tissue is healed, the conventional full denture is placed in the mouth. The healing of the tissue takes few months, during that time you are without teeth.

Immediate Full Denture

This type of denture is inserted immediately after the removal of remaining teeth. The benefit of this type of denture is that you will never be without your teeth but they will be relined for few months as bone will take some time to heal.


Metal framework is used

In this procedure, a metal framework is used as a support to your natural teeth. The partial denture is also the removable alternative to bridges.

Whenever you go for something unusual you feel awkward and uncomfortable, the similar you will feel after denture for the first few weeks. You will require a little practice in speaking and eating with dentures. There will be an excessive saliva flow and minor irritation.


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