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Gum Surgery Jaipur

Periodontist is a dental specialist in periodental disease.

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Gum Surgery in Jaipur

Whenever we feel pain in our teeth we visit our dentist but sometimes we see that he recommends us to visit a Periodontist. Periodontist is a dental specialist in periodontal disease. Periodontal diseases are the bacterial infections that infect gum tissue and in result causes diseases like inflammation, swelling, redness and bone loss around teeth. So, if you want to stay safe, then you have to fight with these bacteria. Brushing twice a day and flossing are the two simple habits which can help you fight bacteria naturally.







Gingival Flap Surgery

If the pockets are more than 5mm in depth, the Periodontist will prefer Gingival Flap Surgery to minimize the depth of the pocket. Periodontist would separate the gum tissue and teeth and go for deep cleaning with an ultrasonic scaling device, also he will remove tartar, plaque, and biofilm below the pockets with the help of hand instruments.


In Gingivectomy dentist cutoff the overgrown gum tissue. Sometimes it happens that the gum tissue overgrows and covers the teeth, in that situation, Gingivectomy is performed.


Gingivoplasty gum surgery is conducted when you want to reshape or reframe healthy gum tissue around the teeth to make them look better as it enhances your smile. Gingivoplasty is also used when gum is required to push away from the teeth.

After going through any gum surgery its important for you to know that how to maintain the teeth and gum tissue healthy. Brush your teeth and gum tissue with a fluoride-containing toothpaste and if you feel any pain don’t hesitate in approaching a Periodontist.


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