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Know 7 Benefits of Laser Dentistry

March 21, 2023 by Dr. Lalit Garg 0

With the advancement of the latest technology rapid recent growth in the utilization of lasers has transformed almost every industry it’s ways yet dentistry is no exception of it.

The use of laser in dentistry is a pain-free method, has no blood options, safe, doesn’t require anesthesia are extended to use treatment of numerous dental problems with better outcomes. It can be used to aid in both diagnostic purposes as well as preventive care. It can be used in various dental problems including pain control, wound healing, cavity prevention, gum surgeries, caries prevention, and dentinal hypersensitivity.

Know 7 Benefits of Laser Dentistry

What is Laser Dentistry?

Laser is a buzzword used in dentistry and is the most versatile instrument believed beneficial to everyone. Laser dentistry is one of the popular techniques used for a myriad of dental issues which include lesser complications. It is used specifically to treat a range of dental conditions that will look complex before traditional dentistry methods. Tooth Decay, Gum disease, and tooth hypersensitivity are the most common periodontal procedures done with laser. Dental lasers are predominantly used for soft tissue applications.

7 Benefits of Laser Dentistry for Kids & Adults

There is an overwhelming number of laser benefits because it guarantees no bleeding post-surgery, and it can coagulate cuts. It’s quite unsophisticated for kids & adults facing hesitant while visiting a dentist. Making kids & adults aware of laser benefits makes their experiences less frightful and more interesting.

However, there are lots of benefits in the preservation of tooth structure, in this blog post we briefly about the 7 benefits of laser dentistry.

1.  No Loud Noises

Are you dislike dental sitting because whenever they sit on dental chairs they usually hear the dreadful sound of the buzz of the drill and other dental tools that are yet to be annoying? But the laser is the ultimate solution, it eliminates the concern of loud noise & tingling sounds. You would truly like to book an appointment with the dentist and visit the dentist with ease by taking comfortable sittings.

2.  Quick Healing Process

Irrespective of traditional dental procedures where soft dental issues require sutures or dental stitches used in the surgical incision. On the other hand, laser dentistry promotes faster healing and recovery times for kids and adults as there is no need for sutures.

3.  Reduced Risk of Infection

Laser Dentistry is the safest procedure. After all, it eliminates the risk of infection during treatment, because it uses a beam of light to sterilize the affected area. The laser doesn’t touch and prevents unwanted bacteria enter into your mouth ensuring a sanitary dental environment.

4.  Precise Treatment

Laser dentistry allows dentists to perform precise and targeted treatments, reducing the risk of damage to healthy tissue. Especially it is proven to be effective in cavity treatments and other procedures because its greater precision protects your tooth from spending more time on a dental chair & facing a dentist drill.

5.  Minimal Bleeding

Laser high energy beam of light used for dental procedures causes blood coagulation to reduce blood loss, to remove decay and bacteria from the teeth, eliminating the need for traditional dental drills. Concurrently, laser beam sterilizes the affected area during the procedure it not only reduce the gum bleeding & swelling in pediatric dentistry procedures but also lower bacterial infections or complications. If you are dreading with any dental or gum problems then ask experts of Jai Jinendra Dental Hospital about laser dentistry instead.

6.  No Numbness & Vibration

You don’t have to worry about the painful side effects of dental surgeries and the pressure of dental drills to eliminate teeth decay from uncomfortable vibrations. Without anesthesia shots, our pediatric dentist at Jai Jinendra Dental Hospital simply aims the laser at the affected area of treatment without won’t you undergoing the risk of numbness wearing off. Overall it will create a comfortable experience without going any discomfort during the healing process.

7.  Better Cosmetic Results

Laser dentistry can produce better cosmetic results than traditional dental procedures because it can target and remove only the affected area, leaving healthy tissue intact.

What is Soft tissue Laser?

Soft tissue lasers are remarkable, basically it is a highly focused beam of light. As the name implies this laser is specifically designed to be treat soft tissues such as gums. Soft tissue laser is used by dentists to replace a scalpel during several dental procedures including periodontal treatment, dental implant placement, frenectomies, gum recontouring, dental implant placement, and more

Uses of Soft Tissues Lasers in Laser Dentistry

  1. The soft tissue lasers is an absolutely a painless procedure which reduces the need of local anesthetic injection in minor surgeries and vital tooth preparation.
  2. In laser dentistry it imparts dry operating field by sealing the blood vessels, reduced operating time, excellent visibility.
  3. Soft tissue lasers may sterilize operating field and decrease bacterial counts by dropping the needs for antibiotics.
  4. Soft tissue lasers are very precise and predictable shouldn’t injured dental pulp . This even further reduced non contact signs leading to reduced vibrations and sound related to discomforts, anxiety often seen in kids and adults.

Applications of Soft tissue Lasers

  • Pulpotomy
  • Direct Pulp capping
  • Fusion of soft tissues
  • Flap procedures
  • Treatment of ulcers
  • Disinfection of Root canal
  • Frenectomy and Frenotomy
  • Operculectomy

Experience the latest Dental Services by Jai Jinendra Dental hospital

Here are the latest dental services facilitated by Jai Jinendra Dental Hospital are as follows:

  1. Laser In RCT: Lasers are used in RCT treatment to seize infection and enhance sterile atmosphere in the infected root canals. Now stop fearing from painful RCT and experience laser assisted RCT at Jai Jinendra Dental Hospital and protect your natural tooth from infection.
  2. Removal of flap over third molar by laser: Laser assisted bio-modulation of tissue stimulate better tissue healing. It’s heat energy is used to disinfect all bacteria for better healing. Laser techniques are innovative techniques use in gum treatment for flap surgery. In oral & maxillofacial surgery Jai Jinendra Dental Hospital restricted to soft tissues restricted to soft tissues. our team of dentist use laser therapy in removal of flap over third molar teeth and provide aesthetic corrections.
  3. Laser crown lengthening: An asymmetrical gum can take away the clarity of smile. Therefore crown lengthening procedure is performed to enhance the appearance and aesthetics features. No bleeding laser Crown lengthening procedure performed by our dentist of JJDH in which certain portions of the gum tissues may be trim off to avail access of treatment procedure.
  4. Gingival Depigmentation: Nowadays laser Gingival hyper pigmentation is the best available option to treat black gummy smile. Dark pigmentation of gingival tissue also caused by variety of factors leads to high level of black pigment in oral tissue particularly Gingiva. At Jai Jinendra Dental Hospital our best dentist in Jaipur offer laser techniques to de-pigments the gums. Schedule an Appointment for evaluation.

Book a Laser Appointment With Jai Jinendra Dental Hospital

If you are looking finest dentistry with the best dental hospital equipped with the state in art facilities, the latest equipment & techniques. Jai Jinendra Dental hospital has a skilled, experienced, and best dentist in Jaipur who provides advanced dentistry services with next-generation dental laser techniques to kids and adult. Our dental surgeons Dr. Lalit Garg & Dr. Priyanka Garg help the timid patients who have nerve-wracking visiting dental clinics by boosting their confidence to schedule a consultation. To discover more about the benefits of laser dentistry, Book an Appointment Today !!

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