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Oral habits in Children: Clinical aspects and Management

March 28, 2023 by Dr. Lalit Garg 0

As a parent, if your kid uses a pacifier, and sucks his thumb, finger, or favorite object you are often getting worried about their oral health habits and what kind of consequences are produced on their teeth and jaws as he grows. It is imperative to develop good oral habits in your children from an early age to maintain their life properly.

By teaching children the proper way of brushing, and flossing techniques and will take care of their mouth you may aid them to uplift their oral health in a fun going way to establish a confident smile. In this blog post, we will discuss oral habits in children, what are the signs that affect their overall health, and how to identify and correct them in their pre-stages to cause a potential malocclusion in your child, and for more information get in touch with best dentist in Jaipur for an online discussion regarding oral habits in children: clinical aspects and management.

Oral habits in Children: Clinical aspects and Management

Oral Habits in Children and their Management

Oral habits that kids frequently acquire that either permanently or temporarily may be harmful to their teeth and their supporting structures. However common behaviors involve the mouth, such as thumb-sucking, pacifier use, and tongue-thrusting. While some habits may be harmless, others can lead to dental problems or affect the development of a child’s mouth and jaw.

Oral habits may be any of the mentioned below:

  • Thumb sucking
  • Nail Biting
  • Mouth Breathing
  • Lip Biting
  • Bruxism
  • Tongue Thrusting

1. Thumb sucking

Habits of thumb sucking are frequently observed in infants and young children placing thumbs for a long duration into various depths in their mouth leads to produce a major impact on the development of their teeth and jaws. Parents can help manage this habit by offering positive reinforcement, using distractions, or applying a bitter-tasting substance to the thumb. If your child thumb sucking habit still continue then consult Jai Jinendra Dental Hospital for orthodontic appliances.

2. Nail Biting

Your child becomes habitual of nail biting due to numerous reasons like boredom, stress, and curiosity. Then, you have to adopt a simple way to help them quit nail biting. In either case, if your child’s nail-biting habits escalated quickly then consult the doctor.

3. Mouth Breathing

This habit can lead to dry mouth, bad breath, and dental problems. Children may need to see a specialist to determine the cause and receive treatment, such as breathing exercises or nasal sprays. Schedule consultation with specialist of JJDH.

4. Lip Biting

Lip biting is a predominant habit among kids caused by a variety of factors. Normal lip anatomy and its functionality are vital for eating, speaking and other well-being often involving lower lips. It may damage your kid’s teeth and gums If you notice your child is frequently biting their lips, it may be helpful to consult with JJDH best dentist in Jaipur regarding lip biting issues and try to identify any underlying causes, further evaluation, and treatment.

5. Bruxism

Is your child becomes habitual of grinding teeth or clenching jaws? This problem becomes bothersome to other family members. It may occur due to reasons like stress, teeth not being aligned properly, unusual wear and tear, or other medical reasons. Most kids develops the bruxism habit when they lose their baby teeth. If the issue is more complicated then visit a Jai Jinendra Dental Hospital for a routine dental checkup for bruxism.

6. Thumb Thrusting

This habit involves pushing the tongue forward during swallowing, which can affect the alignment of teeth and cause speech problems. Children may need orthodontic treatment or speech therapy to correct this habit. Consult with dental surgeons at Jai Jinendra Jinendra Dental Hospital.

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Practicing a good oral health habit for your kids can go a long way. It is necessary to visit a dentist twice every year for comprehensive oral health care for your child and make them develop a habit that creates a beautiful smile. Our professional specialized dental surgeon (Dr. Lalit Garg), Implantologist, Maxillofacial, and Jaw Surgeon has 13+ years of experience in modern dentistry. We believe that preventive dentistry is an important aspect especially for children to minimize the risk of gingivitis, periodontitis, gum disease, risk of cavities. (Dr. Priyanka Garg) pedodontist, a kids dentist of  Jai Jinendra Dental Hospital conducts clinical dental examination and cleaning to help patients.

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