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Tooth Decay Treatment

What is a Tooth Decay?

Tooth decay is the permanent damage to the tooth’s enamel or tooth’s surface.

What are the reasons for tooth decay?

  1. Consuming too much sugary food and drink.
  2. Not maintaining proper oral hygiene.
  3. Not cleaning teeth and gums.

If you think your child and you have tooth decay or any other oral health issue, immediately visit the nearby dentist. Early Diagnoses and dental treatment can stop it before getting worse and help you to enjoy a healthy oral life with a beautiful smile.

Tooth Decay Treatment

How to know if tooth decay happens?

First, tooth decay doesn’t show any symptoms, but if it worsens leads to a dental cavity (a hole forming in the teeth).

So, if you have a Hole known as a cavity in your tooth, then you may discover tooth decay:-

  1. Black, brown, and white spots on your tooth.
  2. Your teeth become sensitive to hot and cold things and you will feel sharp pain.
  3. Tooth pain.
  4. Sometimes, tooth decay may lead to a dental abscess (building of “PUS”).
  5. Bad taste in your mouth or Bad breath.
  6. Facial Swelling

Tooth Decay Stages:-

Did you know that cavities may affect the overall surface of your tooth? So, here stages of “tooth decay”.

Stage 1: Demineralization: – you may notice small black and white spots on the surface of your tooth. It is due to the breakdown of minerals in the enamel.

Stage 2: Enamel Decay: – When you don’t care about the progressive growth of cavities responsible for the breaking down of your enamel.  The holes known as cavities get noticed and white spots at the tooth surface turn light brown.

Stage 3: Dentin Decay:-

  • The dentin layer is just beneath the tooth enamel.
  • It is much softer than your enamel.
  • If the bacteria and plague reach to dentin layer, then the formation of cavities becomes faster.
  • The earlier light brown spot on your teeth turns into dark brown color.
  • Your teeth become sensitive to cold and hot foods.

Stage 4: Pulp Infection: – The innermost layer of your tooth is known as the Tooth “Pulp”. It contains nerves and blood vessels to carry blood and nutrients. All the teeth are alive because of the proper functioning of the “Pulp”. During 4th stage of tooth decay, earlier dark brown tooth spots turn black. If the cavities reach your tooth pulp, you may feel severe pain and notice swelling or redness in the gums and teeth.

Stage 5: Abscess:- Final stage of the cavity is Tooth abscess: -The tooth infection is due to the growth of the cavity. “PUS” is formed at the endpoint of the tooth root known as a periapical abscess.

Symptoms of Abscessed tooth:-

  1. Pain radiated into your jaw or face.
  2. You will notice facial swelling.
  3. In your neck, you may discover swollen lymph nodes.

In the rare to the rarest case, sometimes the cavities infection reaches your bloodstream (sepsis) or brain. So, better to take care of your oral health, visit a nearby dentist once in 3 months for a dental checkup and gain knowledge on how to make Gums and teeth healthy forever.

You have to visit immediately to the nearby dentist, if:-

  1. Toothache
  2. Feeling pain while eating hot or cold.
  3. During brushing, gums bleed or swollen.

Tooth Decay Treatments:-

If the dentist diagnoses tooth decay issue, then prescribe the following Tooth Decay Treatments:-

  1. Fluoride Treatments: – Do daily Mouthwash twice or thrice to reverse the tooth decay.
  2. If a dentist discovers a “hole” (cavity) in your tooth, then Tooth filling is done by the best dentist.
  3. If tooth decay reaches the inside of the teeth tissue, known as the pulp, then RCT- Root Canal Treatment requires.
  4. Sometimes, the dentist removes the affected tooth, known as (Tooth Extraction).

What to Do to Prevent Tooth Decay?

If the bacteria create a sticky layer known as the “Plague” over your teeth “Tooth decay” happens. For a time, the Plague damages your teeth surface. It is common in children, so parents are always concerned regarding the teeth and gums of their children.

Here are some special tips from Jai Jinendra Dental Hospital to prevent tooth decay in you and your children and make your and your children’s teeth and gums healthy:-


  1. Brush your Teeth Twice a day.
  2. Use fluoride Toothpaste during teeth brushing.
  3. Do not rinse; spit after brushing.
  4. Do floss every day to clean between teeth and Gums.
  5. Eat healthy and nutritious food to make your gums, and teeth healthy.

It is necessary and mandatory to have regular dental checkups and visit nearby dentists once in 3 months.


  1. Do not SMOKE.
  2. Do not eat much sugary food.
  3. Do not consume alcohol.

A note from Advance Dentistry Hospital Jai Jinendra:-

If you have cavity signs, tooth pain, tooth decay signs, or any other dental issue, immediately visit a nearby dentist. They diagnose dental problems and recommend the best dental action. If a cavity is at an early stage, then medication cures you. So, get a free dental checkup today with Dr. Lalit Garg, the Best Dentist in Jaipur, at Advance Dentistry Hospital Jai Jinendra.

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