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May 17, 2023 by Dr. Lalit Garg 0


Who is the first person you call when you are experiencing a dental pain? Call a nearby dentist to make an appointment for a detailed discussion of your dental pain. What should you do in case of tooth loss due to gum disease, trauma, or dental caries? Reading this dental issue, get in touch with an experienced dental specialists called Implantologist.


Who is a Dental Implantologist?

A Dental Implantologist is an experienced and highly qualified dental specialist practicing dental implant surgery. Sometimes, Oral surgeons and Periodontist’s also perform dental implants.

Know Dental Implant Surgery is?

What can an Implantologist do about a missing tooth? An Oral Implantologist replaces your tooth roots with stainless steel metal, screw-like-metal-posts, and replaces your broken or decayed tooth with an artificial tooth using advanced dentistry.

Thus, no needs to worry about tooth lose! Artificial teeth are available and works and function like natural teeth. Dental implants are surgically fixed to the jawbone as it consists of a titanium metal screw in an implant that fuses with your Jawbone. So, this means that the placed oral implants won’t make any noise, won’t’ slip and can’t damage your Jawbone.

Know how to discover the best Implantologist? 

  1. First, you search Advance Dentistry Hospital like Jai Jinendra, equipped with high-quality equipment of advanced dental technology for dental implants.
  2. The advanced dentistry hospital should have an Advance team of dental implants – a maxillofacial surgeon, ENT specialist, Periodontist, Prosthodontist, and the oral surgeon.
  3. Discuss your dental problems regarding your missing tooth and the entire process with an Implantologist.
  4. Implantologist uses advanced dentistry technology to scan your teeth inside part, gum tissues, and jawbones.
  5. They know the exact situation and let you know the feasible conditions to perform dental implant surgery.

Dental implants are permanent solutions to your tooth loss. In this surgical procedure, the missing tooth is replaced by an artificial tooth; hence it improves your quality of life.  Implantologist performs surgical fixtures that will fuse with your gums and jawbones. An Implantologist is required, as these dental surgeons are highly specialized and trained in the dental implantation field.

Know what is the CBCT machine and it’s Applications?

Advance Dentistry Jai Jinendra is the best dental hospital in Rajasthan that use CBCT machines in implant checkout to provide safe and secure dental implant treatments.

Here are the applications of CBCT Machine during Dental Implantation:-

  1. Preoperative Diagnosis
  2. Dental Implant Treatment Planning
  3. Implant postoperative evaluation
  4. Discovering implant failure reasons
  5. Finding complications due to the neuro-vascular structure damage
  6. Using it, an Implantologist can view bone structures from a different viewpoint or various angles, thus helping an Implantologist evaluate the dimensions and architecture of the bone during dental implant.

CBCT (cone beam computed tomography) Implant checkout machine provides a precise image of the maxillary sinus during dental implants and describes its accurate position with the bone. Then, the Implantologist or dental specialist can make accurate measurements regarding the implant and select the appropriate length of a dental implant to avoid puncturing the maxillary sinus. With the help of the CBCT Machine, Dr. Lalit Garg, Implantologist at Advanced Dentistry Jai Jinendra dental hospital, plans the necessary bone grafting requirement for inadequate availability of bone during dental implant treatment.

That is why Book a dental appointment today with Advance Dentistry Hospital. You can discover modern dental technology regarding dental implants or any other dental problem solution under an experienced dental surgeon’s team and get painless dental treatment with utmost care and proper hygiene at Advance Dentistry Jai Jinendra Dental Hospital Rajasthan.

What are the Benefits/Advantages of Dental implants?

  1. The dental implant holds the bone around your lost tooth.
  2. It decreased the dental risk problems for dental caries with adjacent teeth.
  3. It gives less sensitivity to nearby teeth.
  4. Dental implants provide a high level of success rate.
  5. It restores your chewing power.
  6. Restoration of your cosmetic appearance.
  7. After dental implants, the jawbone shrinkage stops.
  8. It preserves the health of the surrounding bones and gums.

Implantologist vs. Dental Surgeon: A Comparison

  1. Oral dental surgeons are sometimes often called maxillofacial and oral surgeons.
  2. Oral surgeons often work with the dental team to provide high-level efforts and a continuum of extreme care.
  3. The Maxillofacial surgeons or oral Surgeons often work with the dental team in a dental practice and healthcare facility.
  4. The Periodontist is a specialist who will diagnose, prevent, and do treatment of gum disease and often performs dental implant surgery.
  5. A certified and accredited Implantologist is only in charge of Dental Implants.

Who can perform Dental Implants?

In dentistry, anyone can perform dental implant surgery, including oral surgeons, general dentists, Periodontist’s, and an Implantologist. Dental implants are a complex dental treatment activity, so select one of the top-rated and best highly trained experienced Implantologist locally.

Why should I choose an Implantologist for Dental Implants?

  1. Implantologists have undergone immense training and education in the specified field of Dental implants. Your local Implantologist is best equipped with the knowledge to manage additional potential dental complications that may occur during the surgical dental implant placement.
  1. As dental implant surgery involves the jawbone, it is a complex dental surgical procedure, and first, this should only be consulted by an experienced dental implant specialist.
  1. Experienced Implantologist is aware of the subsequent facets of dental implants and what comes up next, and know how to handle those facets during dental implant surgery.
  2. An experienced Implantologist thoroughly examines the jawbone before selecting an implant type.


Questions to ask to an Implantologist regarding dental implant:- 

  1. How long have you been with dental implants?
  2. How many successful dental implants have you had?
  3. Are you a certified or licensed implant specialist for planning and managing the correct surgical procedure for dental implants?
  4. Do you operate an advanced dentistry dental implant clinic?
  5. Does your advanced dental facility have a well-managed team of dental surgeons?

A note from Advance Dentistry Hospital Jai Jinendra:-

Tooth decay, Tooth loses, broken teeth, and missing teeth are not big problems nowadays because Advance dentistry is available at jai Jinendra dental Hospital. So, book a dental appointment today with Best Implantologist Dr. Lalit Garg at Jai Jinendra advance dentistry hospital to get dental implants done under the utmost hygienic conditions with proper care.

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