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Best Orthodontist near me in Jaipur India

Orthodontic Specialists in Jaipur

Orthodontic treatment From Jai Jinendra Dental Hospital:- Are you searching for the best orthodontist near me in Jaipur, India? We at Jai Jinendra Dental hospital have a team of orthodontist dental surgeons to perform dental diagnosis and dental treatment. Do you want to prevent dental irregularities? Book an appointment with the JJDH orthodontist Dr. Lalit Garg and Dr. Priyanka Garg are the Best Orthodontists in Jaipur at Jai Jinendra Dental Hospital. We do perform the mal-positioned of teeth, jaws and perform misaligned bite patterns.

Best Orthodontist near me

Best Orthodontics in Jaipur

Are you searching for the best orthodontist in Jaipur to provide top-notch orthodontic care and braces treatment?

  • Orthodontics is a specialized branch of dentistry dedicated to correcting the positioning of teeth and jaws that may be misaligned due to various reasons.
  • Achieving proper alignment is crucial, as issues such as decay, accidents, or other factors can disturb the natural arrangement of teeth, affecting both appearance and oral health.
  • Choosing the best orthodontist in Jaipur ensures that you receive expert care, resulting in a pleasing appearance and long-lasting results.
  • Orthodontic treatments, including the use of braces, not only enhance your aesthetic appeal but also contribute to a lifetime of improved oral health when accompanied by proper post-treatment care.

Whether you require orthodontic intervention due to misaligned teeth caused by decay or an unfortunate accident, the best orthodontist in Jaipur can assess your unique needs and create a tailored treatment plan. By addressing misalignments and guiding the positioning of teeth and jaws, orthodontic treatments aim to restore both functionality and aesthetic harmony to your smile.

Investing in orthodontic care from the best orthodontist in Jaipur ensures that you receive high-quality treatment that can have a lasting impact on your overall well-being. Take the first step toward achieving a beautiful, well-aligned smile by consulting with the best orthodontist in Jaipur to discuss your individual needs and embark on a journey towards a lifetime of confident and healthy smiles.

Our Orthodontist dental team provides these Orthodontist treatments:

1. Straightening crooked teeth

Orthodontic treatments, like braces or aligners, effectively straighten crooked teeth, enhancing both aesthetics and dental health.

This transformative process boost confidence and contribute to long-term oral well-being.

2. Improve the gum’s health

Targeting gum health, this treatment employs advanced techniques to strengthen gums and prevent periodontal issues, offering a focused and effective approach for optimal oral well-being.

3. Closes the wide gaps between teeth

Orthodontic treatment effectively addresses wide gaps between teeth by using braces or aligners to gradually shift and close the spaces, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality with lasting results.

4. Aligning of the teeth tips

Orthodontic treatment ensures optimal alignment of teeth tips, enhancing both aesthetics and functional bite. This process utilizes advanced techniques to achieve precise and lasting results for a confident and healthy smile.

5. Tear and wear of the teeth

Tooth wear, caused by factors like grinding or acidic erosion, can lead to increased sensitivity and compromised dental function.
Treatment may involve dental restorations, bite splints, or lifestyle modifications to prevent further damage.

Book a dental care appointment now with our dentists Dr. Lalit Garg Best orthodontist in jaipur, and Dr. Priyanka Garg best kids Orthodontist in Jaipur to get our advanced Orthodontist services with care.

For more information, call now +91-9928998839 to talk with best orthodontist for braces near me or the best Orthodontist near me in Jaipur, India.

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JJDH orthodontic clinic near me

Symbols that resembles need of Orthodontics


When the upper teeth are lying far forward than the lower teeth.


While eating, if your upper teeth don’t come slightly come in front of the lower teeth, you’re suffering from crossbite.


When the lower teeth overtake the upper teeth, it is called underbite, the “bulldog“ appearance.

Misplaced Midline

The misplaced midline is the situation when the upper front teeth don’t lie in the center of the lower front teeth.

Open bite

The spacing between the front teeth or side teeth, while you bite with the back teeth, is known as open teeth.


Crowding is performed when you require more than one or two dental ridges.


Spacing is the gap or space between the teeth due to missing teeth.

Orthodontics Treatment hospital near me

Treatment Methods in Orthodontics


Braces are the most common appliance used by the large group of the population. Braces are used to fix and reposition the tooth. Dr. Lalit Garg is the best dentist for braces near me and For kids Dr. Priyanka Garg best dentist for braces near me.

Fixed Space Maintainers

Generally, fixed space maintainers are used when the baby tooth is lost prematurely. By this method, you keep some space vacant until the permanent teeth erupt.


Aligners are alternatives of traditional braces but without metal wires and brackets.

Patalal Expander

It is the device used to expand the arch of the upper jaw. It is a plastic plate that is fixed to the roof of the mouth.


Splits are the jaw repositioning appliances which are worn on either top or lower jaw. Splints can also be used for the Temporomandibular joint disorder(TMJ).